The Archive of Privatized Experience was founded by Corrie Siegel in 2018.  The Archive facilitates instagram takeovers and incentivized programs for visitors to an exhibition to check their phones and experience exhibitions without digital distractions in exchange for a small symbolic payment  to compensate them for their attention. The payment is calculated through participants filling out a detailed form that captures information that they willingly or unwillingly hand over to social media corporations through their everyday internet habits. At it’s presentation at the Contemporary Art Center at UCI the project also consisted of an ad campaign throughout the UC Irvine campus, specifically targeting bathroom stalls, public space of bulletin boards and walkways.

Siegel has used the Internet socially since she got an AIM account in 1999. She first logged into Facebook in 2004 and in 2014 she created an Instagram account. Over the past year she has spent about 4 hours a day looking at the screen of her phone. The Archive is a project for Siegel’s questions around labor, leisure, privacy and community in the Internet age. The project solicits collaboration on social media platforms or in IRL space with hundreds of collaborators, followers, friends, and viewers. For the duration of the Terms Of Use Exhibition at UCI The Archive was managed and administered by the University Art Gallery’s gallery attendants. The Archive’s resident artist, Arianna Arias, facilitated the UAG’s Instagram stories take over.