Exodus On Sunset 

Exodus On Sunset 30 19drew-dance1

October 29,2016 1-4pm


Exodus On Sunset: A collaborative, community driven artwork about collective histories.

Guests were invited to explore the overlapping history of people and places between the 3900 and 4400 blocks of Sunset Boulevard. Participants could enjoy food, art, and conversation and contribute their own story to an ongoing art project that celebrates the hidden histories of Los Angeles.

This event was structured primarily around the life of silent film director, producer and actor Mabel Normand. The event included a playlist of music about Sunset Boulevard and the book of Exodus; Pie tasting in honor of Normand, the first person to throw pie on film;Texts that shared overlapping histories of Mabel Normand, El Cid, The Vista, The Black Cat, and the Babitz residence; large props that referenced these stories, and questionnaires.

This project is made possible through the support of The SIJCC,  and WORD. WORD is a program of the American Jewish University’s Institute for Jewish Creativity, a program supported through a generous Cutting Edge Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. WORD’s Artist Grants, Bruce Geller Memorial Prizes, are made possible by the late Jeanette Geller in memory of her husband Bruce.